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About Us

Founded in 2009, O.riginals: Design & Stationery is a boutique custom gift studio, specializing in personalized products that feature an o.riginal illustration intended to resemble the recipient of the gift. Named after Creative Director Olga Martinez, O.riginals: Design & Stationery began as a hobby, which quickly snowballed into a trend-setting brand in Miami, Florida.

From its humble beginnings at a trunk show benefitting the League Against Cancer on October 8, 2009, the appeal of the brand was quickly noticeable, and the founders knew, without a doubt, the brand was well-received. Plans for copyrighting and trademarking followed shortly, before the brand embarked in retail endeavors.

Trunk show after trunk show, the line, which originally began with personalized 2-pocket folders and stickers, has expanded tremendously, now including over 100 products and more than 200 illustrations. O.riginals: Design & Stationery products are now commonly found on the wish lists of grade-school children in Miami, Florida and beyond.

O.rginals: Design & Stationery is now the only company of its kind that manufactures custom/personalized school stationery, featuring illustrations fully dressed in their school uniforms, thus affording each recipient an o.riginal gift that is not only quickly identifiable, but also one that inspires school spirit and pride. A hit among the local area schools in Miami, Florida, O.riginals: Design & Stationery products have been the source of many fundraising efforts in the county, as well as the source of o.riginal gifts for special occasions for children and adults, alike.

O.riginals: Design & Stationery is a firm believer of “paying it forward.” Since its inception, the company has contributed to fundraising efforts benefiting La Liga Contra El Cancer, Community Partnership for the Homeless, the Natalia Bee Foundation and Amigos for Kids.

Meet the Cast

The o.riginal signature face of O.riginals: Design & Stationery was drawn to resemble the founder’s cousin, who was in need of gift stickers to adorn her birthday gifts. This face, which was named “Cecilia,” has come to be known as the face of the brand. Available with either a bow or headband, Cecilia is O.riginals: Design and Stationery’s most popular face, to-date.

As a means of more closely resembling other people, Cecilia was soon given five other friends - Pia, Olgui, Alexandra, Jake and Justin.



Combined, these six faces are the cast of O.riginals: Design & Stationery, which can be customized and dressed in many ways.  From customizing the hair and skin color, to the attire, the cast of O.riginals: Design & Stationery resembles whomever is going to receive the product(s).