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Olga's Top 5 Back-to-School "Must-Have" Items

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Be o.riginal this school year with my favorite custom/personalized products from O.riginals: Design & Stationery, which have made my "must-have" list due to their individual practicality, originality and functionality.  Shop these products and more at www.originalsds.com.

  1. Sold in sets of 24, our "This Belongs to Stickers" are a must-have every back-to-school season, as they make labeling textbooks and notebooks a snap.  Featuring personalization and a custom illustration designed specifically to resemble your little one, these minimize classroom mix-ups and give your little one's school supplies an identity.
  2. Our 1" binder is the perfect accessory for all students, regardless of age.  As paper consumption in the classroom decreases, the need for multiple folders has minimized as well.  The 1" binder is the perfect place to store classroom handouts, centralizing storage and alleviating backpack load.  Featuring personalization and a custom illustration resembling the student, it is sure to keep class materials organized in an o.riginal way.
  3. In an increasingly digital world, a large portion of our interaction and communication happens online via social media, e-mail or smart devices.  In certain instances, however, there is nothing like a paper product, which provides a kind of longevity and sentiment unparalleled by all digital counterparts.  Because of this, our Writing Tablet is a must-have for back-to-school.  Not only does it give notes an identity, but it also provides that special "personal touch" in an o.riginal way.
  4. Whether dark-washed or cut off, dressed up or casual, it's all about denim this fall, and back-to-school season is no exception.  Our Denim Backpack brings the runway to the classroom, providing a chic alternative to the traditional canvas bag.  Embroidered with your choice of one of our signature faces, along with personalization, this unique bag is sure to be the talk of the classroom, come August.
  5. As more schools move toward 1:1 iPad programs, it's important to gives these devices an identity and protect them in an o.riginal way.  Our iPad Case, which fits models 2, 3 and 4, is ergonomically designed to provide full protection without adding bulk or additional weight; our impact-resistant shell snaps on, creating an extremely slim and sleek profile that is form-fitting and maintains all buttons and ports, permitting hassle-free, total usage of the device.