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Blown Away : Freelance Work for Blow-N-Dry Lounge

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As a graphic designer/illustrator, I often get requests to design visual identity materials and collateral, which stray away from the signature O.riginals look. I love these opportunities to think outside the box and create designs that help promote the client’s existing brand, or, in some cases, establish a new identity, altogether.

In late June, I started doing work for Blow-N-Dry Lounge, in Pinecrest, Florida. This chic, affordable blow-dry-only salon, which opened in early 2014, has a distinct identity, centering around bold black and white chevron patterns, complimented with orange hues. The salon owner, Jackie, approached me about creating some marketing materials that would be in line with the existing “look.” She commissioned me to create an e-mail marketing piece targeted at high school seniors, preparing for their senior portraits, to announce a hair and make-up special. I also worked on a coupon card intended to be distributed to salon guests.

Here’s a look at the final designs, which were approved and quickly implemented by the client:

My design aesthetic is simple, yet sophisticated, so with the approval of the client, I typically limit my color palette to one dominant and two accent hues. As for typography, I tend to stick with one type family throughout, as a means of achieving high levels of continuity in the collateral. With the Blow-N-Dry Lounge pieces, I love the consistent use of the black, white and orange color palette. Complimented with the sans serif typography, I believe all the design elements work together to communicate the salon’s identity: simple, chic elegance.

Blow-N-Dry Lounge is located at 11501 South Dixie Highway, in Pinecrest, Florida. Visit their Web site at www.blowndrylounge.com, or call 786-732-2406 to schedule an appointment. As a salon regular, I promise you won’t be disappointed. They will surely “make your day more beautiful.”

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